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Planning To Go Places
onward 4x4
Jan 15, 2020
Location: Chicago, illinois
In doing research about my upcoming journey, I am reading "Travels with Charley" by John Steinbeck. It is both delightful and concerning to see that the desire to go, just go anywhere, is not anything new. The young and old and new or established people all experience this longing to go places and see things and meet people and learn things. I have had this "bug" for quite sometime and finally, one reaches a point where the question becomes: are you going to shit or get of the pot buddy?

John Steinbeck writes "In America, I live in New York, or dip into Chicago or San Francisco. But New York is no more America than Paris is France or London in England. Thus I discovered that I did not know my own country." There is so much truth and wisdom in these few words. I will continue to read this book and use it as a guide for my coming travels in the United States. I want to know my country.

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